8 Feb 2008

(for Charlene)

i doodle your name in the margins, across my heart.
your name, rolling off my tongue like a charm,
writing itself in loops that bloom at the edge of my empty page.
every passing thought sings of you,
the smile of your face like a refrain, like sweet echoes.

i forget this sweet ache of missing you
when you are here, near, palpable like skin, like smell.
when you are here my heart takes off in loops that swirl without reason
happy because i simply am
happy because i have you near.

i don’t have to have you.
i string my heart with yours, just so i can tug at it
like a sleeve, like a kite.
they say to love is to give, is to let go.
and so i learn to linger without the tyranny of possession.

you seemed like a miracle
the best thing that could ever happen to me.
you gave every emotion such noble intensity:
happiness like heaven, sorrow like hell, indecision like an island.
breathless charm, so soft and strong
you keep me hanging on, you keep me coming back for more.

just when i was content with nowhere shades of grey and gloom
you spin me right round
and i see life as the miracle as it should be.
no one else can make me feel
the colours that you bring.


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