There Is Nothing Else I Like Better

(for JH)

There is nothing else I like better than being with you, except:
When you fail to make the exact heartfelt utterances I yearn to hear
And I cannot make you say them, because that’ll be cheating.
I spend the whole day with you and wonder where Time went;
Spending money doing nothing at all,
Some wordless bliss with the bland and blah.
If not for those moments of accidental happiness –
That I will never get back because they slip by like so, gorgeously –
Slippery delight!
If life was a movie then we shall star and write the script
Together, track those moments longingly
In slow motion with every hue and shade overexposed
To the extremes, suspending between us dazzling nuances:
Our eyes meeting swimmingly in the crowd with everything else floating by
Negligibly, unspeakably content. Absent fingertips that linger,
Tracing touch and thought with hands clasped.
If life was a movie, I could be convinced
That there is eternity in two busy hours.


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