New White

Wear me out. I like how your snug socks
Fill me out. I am meant to be worn
Anyway. The Original Cult Classic to go with
Anything, everything. Faded jeans,
Earphones, and your clean scent.
Fit into me and take me out,
Canvas must breathe and meet accidents
Of stomps and spillage. Rubber must rub
As you forget, and haste
Makes me waste and beloved relic.

This path is salty and narrow and it scrubs
My soles carved out of rubber and mud.
Scrub away; add years and tears,
A battering is bettering my conditioned
Edges, blurred by time and place.
I like rain and wrinkled toes,
Let the sun bronze me sepia.
I’d rather be worn like the rest,
Than elephant-pristine. Would rather
Walk on the rack, than in this box.


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