That Day We Were In A Fish Globe

(for Joyce, on her 20th)

“Come, I bring you two some place.”

The guide spoke in his cute accent again. We swam over,
Washing our toasted bodies in salty aquamarine.
That day we were wearing our matching candy-striped bikinis.

“Hold my arm. Don’t paddle. The strong current will carry you.”
We left the other happy tourists behind to participate
In the sanctuary of a wider ocean.

Buoyant and goggle-eyed and seasick, we held his arm and floated
Along with, away from, where the water was clearer
And saw the same cute corals and fat fishes, appreciatively.

Mute in water, we talked with our hands, immersed
In the same rushing soundlessness. Carried away
Until we reached the some place, some stones, a structure.

A shipwreck. I heard him say from the surface,
“Don’t paddle. Don’t touch. Just look.”
I saw sharp edges, damage, remnants, deep corners.

Then I saw it. Blooming purple and orange and pink, waving from the inside
Flubbery petals and exploding feathers. Nonchalant fishes bristled in-between.
Just about everything was moving, sparkling and living.

We hovered, peering and pondering. Broken pieces scattered awkwardly
To grow and stash away beautiful secrets from the common eye.
Everything was new inside. A hidden playground.

I looked at you, looking at the splendiferous spectacle before us.
He could only bring two. Suspended in a shaken-up fish globe with you
I had only impalpable good feeling.

I felt the waves pulling us away when he grabbed my hand and yours,
Swimming strongly towards the shore. We were glad eventually
To throw our feet back upon the soft sand-bed.

He told us the ship was wrecked some twenty years back,
And those corals only blossomed in warm waters and strong currents.
“Don’t go telling everyone that I brought you two there.”

When he was gone we gushed about how darned lucky we were,
Some things come so rarely, and not without danger.
Then found ourselves an exclusive spot on the beach.

Soaked up holiday sun in silence, with different thoughts.


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