the very seven verses of you and me

like actors who have forgotten their lines
we have no roles to speak of
and no one’s writing the story.

like a dazzling display of fireworks
the night fizzles and fades
and the day is too bright.

like how the hand writes so prettily
your font remains a mystery
smiles cannot conceal the limits of language.

unlike a typical love song on the radio
it’s never really the same
in the deafening silence deep inside the soul.

like a blade that cuts deliciously
a swelling slice so comfortably numb
you don’t know where it hurts.

like the desolation that has no words
my darkness is subject to this cage
of abundant poverty.

like the hard sparkle of a polished gem
i seek the hope that glints fiercely
a love that can splice my days.


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