8 Feb 2008

(for Charlene) i doodle your name in the margins, across my heart. your name, rolling off my tongue like a charm, writing itself in loops that bloom at the edge of my empty page. every passing thought sings of you, the smile of your face like a refrain, like sweet echoes. i forget this sweet […]

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The Circus Animals’ Desertion, by William Butler Yeats

I I sought a theme and sought for it in vain, I sought it daily for six weeks or so. Maybe at last, being but a broken man, I must be satisfied with my heart, although Winter and summer till old age began My circus animals were all on show, Those stilted boys, that burnished […]

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I make up words as I go along. Sometimes thoughts write themselves into poems. Other times they find mirrors in wiser lines. Firstlines is about the arresting quality of a singular, brilliant notion, a little seedling that grows into a thing called a poem. Here is a field of wildflowers.